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My name is Tamieka Greer. I’m the CEO of The Greer Agency, the mother of two girls and I’m excited to have your business. I was born and I currently reside in New Bern, North Carolina. Growing up in a small town , everyone feels like family and I watched my entrepreneurial grandparents serve the community and our family. God gave me visions of my name on a desk in business of my own. For years I wondered what was it, and when will it take place? I prayed and prayed for something more, I wanted to serve others like my family did for so long. In the meantime, I have been helping others to get information they need. If I can do it or find it, I did just that. Even if it was helping with getting some out in the community. I have been working in the medical field since the age of fifteen. I enjoyed that field but it’s time to work in the field that I love. I have had many to help me along the way, so now it’s time to pay it forward. I took classes in high school on marketing and really loved it. To me marketing is a way for me to help others. I feel like I am serving others in this business. I decided that I should start this agency to help more. This agency is here to help get small businesses and new entrepreneurs known.

Jeremiah 29:11

Philippians 4:13

Proverbs 3:5-6

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