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Social Media Management

We’ll help you leverage your social media to grow your online presence!

  • We help you choose the best social media channels for your business
  • We transform your existing social media accounts into an engaging avenue for your business
  • We generate leads – customers and clients to your website through social media
  • We create posts and graphics that engage and stimulate the online conversation

Why is social media marketing important?

Your online presence serves as the virtual face of your company, this is the first point of call that customer has at accessing your business or learning more about your services.

How can The Greer VA Agency help?

We can create a customized social media strategy based off your business goals to find and maintain your target audience. If you’re just getting started building your business’ social media presence, I can set up and customize all of your profiles and pages and create engaging content using attribute free images and beautifully created graphics. Already have a social media presence? I can offer you a detailed social media audit and make recommendations where you can increase online engagement with your customers. When the research is complete, I’ll share the strategy with you for you to sign off on before we move forward.

Services we provide

  • Setting up social networking profiles and pages
  • Customizing profiles and pages
  • Adding profile/business images
  • Creating customized cover designs
  • Copywriting for profiles/pages
  • Profile/Page optimization
  • Social media auditing
  • Social media strategy build on tracking and analyzing data to find and maintain target audience
  • Social media publishing calendar creation
  • SEO Research for keywords
  • Social media post copywriting
  • Visual/Graphic creation
  • Social Media scheduling based on insights
  • Social media management
  • Social media ad creation including
  • Designing ad
  • Copywriting
  • Target audience research
  • Split A/B testing
  • Monitoring and analyzing results
  • Social media insight monitoring
  • Social media monthly progress reports
  • Social media giveaways
  • Social media community building activities
  • Social media opt-ins

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